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General FAQs

What is Brandarrow Agency?

Brandarrow Agency is a digital marketing and branding agency. We assist businesses, mainly physical businesses, to get online and get on front pages of search engines, reputation advisors, and social media. We also help with marketing their website to a targeted audience through many digital means. Along with that we create Websites, Apps, Logos, Written Content, Distribute Music and much more!

Where are you guys based?

We are a proud Garden State registered entity (LLC). #newjersey.

Can you really help?

Yeah! We can actually help your business grow, we offer 1 on 1 support for lifetime. You can call us right now and you will be connected directly to a team member. No bots. We can genuinely grow your brand. Contact us and we could throw in a FREE 2 month plan.

Do you provide quality assurance and support?

Success is assured. Every business is different so it could take a little bit more time than others but we will stand by your side and if needed we will give you daily calls to grow. Our support is unbeatable, we email back within 30 minutes and there are no bots on our phone system. Give us a call , it will go straight to a team member.

What do I get aside from my Plan?

Along with all the services listed under your plan, we also will provide unbeatable support, guides, how-to's, digital graphics, and the highly favorited: FREE window decals.

How do I get started?

We recommend you schedule a call with us to really get the right info. to you and demonstrate our services, from there you will be assigned a rep. to take care of you. Alternatively, our plans listed on the homepage or by click pricing/plans on the menu can be purchased directly and we will then schedule a call and get you setup. The second approach is recommend for the more tech-savvy people.

I payed, what now?

Once you pay, please go to this link: Click Here , it will guide you on the next steps to take!

Can I cancel whenever?

Yeah! You can cancel whenever you feel it is the best option for you.

Need to make a payment?

Need to make a payment?

If your Brandarrow representative asked you to make a custom payment for a service, you can make it by clicking below 

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