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About Us

About Us

What is Brandarrow?

We are a affordable honest supportive intuitive intelligent digital agency

Brandarrow, a subsidiary of PARTH A PATEL LLC, is a digital marketing and branding agency based out of Monroe Township, New Jersey; it serves small to mid-sized level businesses all over the states. We specialize in broad fields of business development through marketing and branding. We serve many industries including those specific to e-commerce, hospitality, law, medical, automotive, news/media, non-profits, influencers, artists, and more. Our immense areas of not only service but expertise and quality are inclusive of: Digital Ads, Brand Development, Social Media Marketing/Management, Web & Mobile App Development/Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Listings Management/Distribution, Customer Reviews/Reputation Management, Lead Generation, Digital Asset Generation/Management, Graphic Design, Music Distribution, and Talent Management. Our other lines of service maintained through partners include: professional services such as Virtual Addresses, Virtual Phone #’s & Fax #’s, (LLC) Corporation Registration, EIN Registration, and more. Just drop us a message and we’ll let you know if we can handle your custom task.

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We are home to brandSuite

The #1 local business listing management review management ads management brand management social media management SaaS platform.

The team at Brandarrow had always envisioned a better way to measure analytics, update business data, enable maintenance on websites, better SEO, and of course: increase productivity alongside maintaining an incline in digital presence. Therefore, we provisioned brandSuite. brandSuite is an All-in-One Digital Marketing, Productivity, and Branding Suite built to take businesses to the next level. The #1 Business Tool can accommodate any and all business types whether physical or virtual!

Goals and Values
Our priorities rest in all of our clients equally. We thrive to achieve our goal of balancing digital infrastructure among local businesses and breaking the set norm of dominance from the big guys. We need your support.

Who is brandSuite for
Everyone. Anyone. brandSuite was created to be versatile enough to be used by a local small business to a social media influencer to a large multi-million dollar brand. We don’t offset prices. Everyone pays fixed rates. Let’s work together to destroy the digital divide.

Who's the team behind all this?

We are a professional distinct assistive active extroverted adaptable group.

Brandarrow Agency and brandSuite are both led by a unified team at PARTH A PATEL LLC. PARTH A PATEL LLC is a marketing and technology organization that focuses on establishing, investing, and growing innovative business ideas and product lines.

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