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Our Team

We are a professional distinct assistive active extroverted adaptable group.

Brandarrow Agency and brandSuite are both led by a unified team at PARTH A PATEL LLC. PARTH A PATEL LLC is a marketing and technology organization that focuses on establishing, investing, and growing innovative business ideas and product lines.

Avatar Parth A. Patel Chief Executive Officer | Executive parth@brandarrowagency.com
Avatar Devin Patel Coordinator | Content Writing devin@brandarrowagency.com
Avatar Chandni Brahmbhatt Coordinator | Resources chandni@brandarrowagency.com
Avatar Aditya Ahlawat Intern | Content Writing aditya@brandarrowagency.com
Avatar Diya Devarakonda Representative | Sales diya@brandarrowagency.com
Avatar Lindsay Khalluf Coordinator | Brand Design lindsay@brandarrowagency.com
Avatar Eric Wong Jr. Representative | Sales eric@brandarrowagency.com
Avatar Tanish Gandhi Representative | Sales tanish@brandarrowagency.com
Avatar Tiya Sharma Coordinator | Operations tiya@brandarrowagency.com
Avatar Priyanka Dhingra Intern | Brand Design & Social priyanka@brandarrowagency.com
Avatar Eshan Kadam Representative | Sales eshan@brandarrowagency.com
Alan Jian Alan Jian Intern | Brand Design & Social alan@brandarrowagency.com