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5 Profitable Side Hustles to Start

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  1. Influencer Management.  Influencer Management is becoming increasingly popular especially with new creators becoming famous each day through platforms like TikTok and Instagram.  Therefore, now is a great time to get your feet wet within this and gain some management experience.  The crux of this job is that you would basically set up and negotiate brand deals for influencers with multiple companies or organizations and then present these deals to said influencers and help them pick the best one.  Generally managers make money through getting cuts from these deals, somewhere usually around 10%.  This one has no startup cost, just begin reaching out to influencers and see where it can take you.
  2. Flipping Vans, computers, etc… Buying older things and then renovating them to make them essentially be new again is a great side hustle business model.  Recently, the trend with “van-life” has become increasingly more popular allowing this idea to come to fruition.  If you buy or have a $20k van for example, renovate it with maybe a bed, new coat of paint, furnishings, etc… you could sell it for double price or even more.  The same concept goes with computers, fixing people’s old computers, upgrading their hardware, whatever it is, will help you earn some money.
  3. Renting out things

This particular business model can be very very effective, and after you have paid back the initial costs of the product, you basically print straight cash.  A very popular example of this is camera gear.  If you buy an $800 camera and rent it out to people for $100 for example, within 8 people you have made your money back and after that it’s all profit.  The same thing goes for snowblowers, log-splitters, etc…  Just make sure that you have insurance for the thing you are renting out, so that way if it gets damaged you aren’t stuck in a figurative hole

  1. Mowing Lawns.  This business model is a classic because of just how successful it has been over so many decades.  During summers, you could mow people’s lawns for $40-$50 dollars depending on the size of the lawn, and mow 5 lawns a day and make $250 cash each day going around your neighborhood or town.  The same goes for snowblowers, raking leaves, cleaning pools, and many other services.  Things that you can do with relatively low startup costs that have high demand are key
  2. Podcast Editors.  Everyone is starting a podcast nowadays, and a great way to capitalize off of this and make money is to become a podcast editor.  This is great because it will help the producers/creators ramp up the amount of episodes that they are producing and increase their efficiency as well, and it is also good because of the sheer amount of demand for it.  You could virtually never run out of podcasts to edit for, allowing for basically unlimited opportunity to gain money provided you have a decent computer.  This also goes for other content creators and YouTubers as well.

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