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Why are MacBooks so expensive?

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One of the most productive devices anyone can have is a laptop. Sure, other technology devices such as a smartphone or a tablet might be important, but when you want to get serious work done in a fast time, a laptop is usually the best option. No wonder a laptop is the second most popular device in the US due to how useful it is.

However, there are numerous different types of laptops. While the general build and purpose are the same, many brands have a range of different functionalities and applications. The Chromebook by Google is a laptop that contains most of the critical features required for an affordable price. However, on the other side of the story is Apple with their Macbooks. While an Apple Macbook can contain similar specs to other laptop devices, they normally sell for a much higher price. This raises the question as to why a Macbook is valued at a higher price than other laptops with the same specs. In this article, we hope to answer this question and build on the understanding of why Macbooks appeal to many users.

What Makes MacBooks different?

There are many different qualities of a Macbook that help it appeal to its users and “justify” its high price.

  1. Operating System:
    • One of the trademark features of any Apple device is the operating system that is running the device. For iPhones, there is iOS. For iPads, there is iPadOS. For Apple watches, there is watchOS. For Apple TV, there is tvOS. And for Macbooks, there is macOS.
    • One of the qualities that make macOS so valuable for users is that it is only available on an Apple device. While other operating systems like Windows 11 can usually only be seen on windows devices, any user can set up windows for their own device (for instance, people who prebuild a PC can easily run windows software on it). In contrast, no user can set up macOS on their own device, as Apple does not allow it. This means that if you want to use macOS, you have to buy an Apple device which is one of the reasoning people use when buying a MacBook.
    • It’s not only the rarity of macOS that makes it so desirable for users. Another thing that makes macOS so valuable is its simplicity. While other operating systems like Windows might be riddled with numerous additional files and features that only serve to confuse its users, macOS is elegantly set up in such a way that is intuitive. This can also be seen in the clean look that can often be felt when using a device running macOS.
    • One more additional feature that macOS has is the applications that it contains. There are numerous popular applications such as Bear that can only be purchased in a MacBook device, and not in another operating system like Windows. While this applies in the other way as well, as there are certain apps that can only be run in other operating systems other than macOS, someone can still make the argument for purchasing a MacBook for a certain app (this in turn is bolstered by the fact that other operating systems can run in numerous devices, so one certain app that runs in a specific operating system can still be used in almost any device as that operating system is supported for any device).
    • One final feature that macOS has is the design. Like stated before, the simplistic design that macOS has appeals to a lot of users. But that is not the only thing that is commonplace with the macOS design. The macOS design is made in such a way that apps are easily accessible and viewable (and those that are not can easily be searched for). There is little confusion with the design and most users can navigate the operating system with no difficulty. In contrast, other operating systems less intuitive and friendly to use (like some linux distributions).
  2. Safety:
    • One of the greatest features for MacBooks is the safety that a user feels while using them. In this day and age, there is a ton of hacking and unlawful use of other people’s data by other corporations or people. This results in many people feeling afraid that their data could be potentially stolen from them and used for any malicious purpose.
    • MacBooks have a lot of safety measures in place to make sure that you have control over your data. For instance, Macbook’s have their storage drive encrypted with keys tied to its hardware to provide security. There are other safety measures that are there such as secure boot and startup security as well as system integrity as well as data protection. Overall, as a MacBook user you feel a lot safer compared to if you were using another laptop device, and that is one of the reasons as to why people prefer to buy MacBooks and pay the extra price.
  3. Longevity:
    • MacBooks are extremely stable as due to their magnificent software (macOS) and their carefully constructed build. Apple spends time making sure that their MacBooks engineered in the best and most optimized way they can be and it certainly pays off in the long run. Most MacBooks have a large life and can normally survive the daily tolls of a laptop for years on end. Compare that to other laptops, that are not as secure and optimized and as a result are more prone to breaking, and most people justify spending additional money for MacBooks as it could potentially save them money in the future (as they don’t have to spending additional money getting a replacement laptop of their laptop breaks).
  4. Ecosystem:
    • One of the greatest features that come with any Apple device is the Apple Ecosystem. If you have any other apple device such as an iPhone or iPad, it pairs extremely well with a MacBook. This is due to the fact that Appe enables a lot of features that are commonplace with the same Apple device. For instance, using an apple service like iCloud between devices allows for the storage of data in one Apple device that can be accessed in the other Apple device. In addition, your texts on an iPhone can be viewed and worked on in a laptop and vice versa. Finally, other Apple apps such as Apple Notes and Apple reminders can be worked on an stored in different devices at the same time. Ultimately, this ecosystem allows for many users to be dragged into buying another Apple product for a technology device just because they have another Apple device.


Ultimately, there are numerous aspects that make an Apple MacBook so valuable for some consumers and are the reason as to why Apple can justifiably increase the price of their MacBook even if it contains the same specs as another laptop device that costs less. While there are reasons (and they have been listed) another side of the story is that there are certain features in MacBooks that do not attract consumers such as the inability to download certain video games and the restrictions set by Apple on their devices (which is a lot less in other laptops). If you are considering to buy a MacBook, focus on what specifically you value in a laptop and whether a MacBook excels in those areas.


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Why are MacBooks so expensive?

One of the most productive devices anyone can have is a laptop. Sure, other technology devices such as a smartphone or a tablet might be

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