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How Apple Creates Awesome Ad Campaigns using their Website

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According to Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives, the tech giant Apple sold up to 40 million iPhone 13 models over the holiday period in a record number for the company. While the product itself that Apple was selling was in high demand, one primary reason why the product sold so well was because of Apple’s strategic ad campaign. As shown from Apple’s website, the company has definitely applied numerous strategies to maximize attention to their product. The way that Apple has used its website to showcase its product is completely different from how Apple’s website first appeared. So how did Apple transition from a plain and mundane website into an exciting and marvelous website that allows it to present its product in the most attractive way possible – and what can be learned from it?

Here are common strategies that Apple uses to design and showcase their product on a website:

  1. Spacing: Instead of having numerous long unstructured paragraphs (a big pit-fall for many websites), Apple usually separates content into individual pieces with plenty of space, images or video footage in between each text block. Because of this, people are more inclined to read what Apple has listed as it is just a couple of lines and not a full incomprehensible paragraph.
    1. Splitting information into multiple separate pieces is often referred to as chunking and can be used not only for word text but also any information that you are showcasing to users. Displaying enormous amounts of information on  website not only makes a bad first impression and increases the probability for a costumer to get board and leave, but it also gives users a harder time to understand and make sense of all the information.
  2. Immersion + Interactivity: While most product pages are just information being stacked on top of each other, Apple takes a different approach. Apple tends to present information in an interactive and immersive way. When a user scrolls through a page, usually something else happens as a result. This could be images moving, text fading or product animations playing. Instead of immediately getting all the information about the product at once, the user has to “discover” it as they are slowly moving down a giant one pager (allowing for more retention and interest).
    1. For example, browing through the Apple Air pods page shows you incredibly detailed 3d animations that not only show you the out of a product, but the inside as well. By giving this immersive approach, Apple allows its users to have the opportunity to view and understand their products in a more detailed and playful way.
  3. Community and Social interaction: Besides having such detailed product depictions, Apple constantly incorporates community driven content into their site, making the website experience more personal for a user. For example, the website might show a videographer shooting a cinematic looking video through the new iPhone Pro, which might resonate more towards anyone who’s main career path is videography
  4. Relevance and Practicality: Apple always tries to translate complex technical terms into a format that most normal people can better understand. For example, instead of describing a complex new electronic feature that Apple has created, Apple might instead describe their new product in relation to other similar products that the company has created, allowing for less tech-savy people to understand.

Apple has definitely utilized its website to its maximum potential, and we hope that from this article you have learned some common techniques that the company has used and can hopefully incorporate it into your own projects!

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