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How to Register as an LLC

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LLC stands for limited liability company, which is a business structure in which the owners are not personally liable for the business’ debts, and it acts as a hybrid entity that combines the characteristics of a corporation, with that of a partnership or sole ownership.  This type of structure is very common, and is great for small businesses or newer companies that are starting to generate stable income.  Here is how you can establish one in New Jersey.  If you have any questions about this process, refer to Brandarrow Agency, because they have successfully registered as an LLC, and would appreciate helping you out along the way.

  1.  Choose a business name carefully.  Of course, you will want to start by choosing a business name that allows you to market your business well, and should be straightforward about the service you are providing.  However, there are restrictions.  Firstly, your business name will have to have LLC in it, indicating that you are an LLC.  There are also restricted words that differ by the state you are in, so check to make sure your company’s name does not have any restricted words.  Examples of these would be words such as bank, or insurance.  In addition, make sure that your name does not infringe on an existing trademark.  You can check this by using the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS), which keeps records of registered trademarks, pending trademark applications, and prior pending trademark applications.  Trademark checking is not required, but is recommended.
  2. Once you have selected a name, check to make sure that another business in your state is not using the same name.  You can check this by referring to your state’s business office, which should provide you with this information.  In most states, your name is registered automatically when you file your articles of organization, so you will not need to register the name separately.  In addition, make sure you can purchase your business name, or something similar, as a domain name, and try to do this step quickly, because you do not want to run the risk of another company purchasing it.  You can use the WHOIS database to figure out if the domain name you want is already taken.
  3. The third step that you might want to consider is registering your business’ DBA name, if you are planning on doing business under a name that is different from your business name.  A DBA name has to be different from your LLC registered name.  Not all states require registering a DBA name, so make sure to check in with you dates rules and regulations.
  4. The next task you will want to perform is filing your LLC’s Articles of Organization.  This may also be known as a certificate of formation in some states.  You can download a blank copy of it online, or obtain it from your state’s business or filing office.  In the Articles of Organization, you only need to state basic information about your business, such as the name, address, and members of your LLC.  After that, make sure you file it accordingly along with its state filing fee, and this is usually done with the Secretary of States, but you may need to file it with another office instead.  The Small Business organization would be helpful in this, due to them maintaining a list of links to state business offices on their website.  However, Brandarrow Agency is a good option as well, as they have completed this process already.  Any personal questions about LLC registration or advice could be asked to them as well.
  5. Next, you will need to designate a registered agent, who is also known as an agent for the service of process, and this person will be someone who will receive service of process notices, government correspondence and compliance-related documents for your business.  This person can be someone in your business/group.
  6. After this, an operating agreement should be drafted.  This is not required in most states, but it is integral to have one.  This provides structure among the company, such as percentage of ownership, voting rights in the business, as well as member’s duties.  Overall, it helps to run a business more smoothly.
  7. The next thing you should do is fulfill the publication requirement.  This is the process of announcing the creation of your LLC in the local newspaper.  It is best to check your state’s publication requirements, as there are a few variables, such as content requirements, and the number of times it must be published.
  8. Once these prior steps have been completed, now you need to obtain business permits and licenses for actually running your business.  This will depend on the state, local government requirements, and your business’ industry.  Check with The Small Business Administration to find this information.
  9. Finally, you will want to open a bank account for your LLC.  This is important to separate business finances from personal finances and inquiries.  Each bank has different requirements to set up an LLC bank account, regarding documentation.
How to File New Jersey LLC Articles of Organization

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