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What is SEO, and how can it Maximize your Business’ Productivity?

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and to practice SEO in your business would mean to boost both the quality and quantity of traffic to your site.  Search Engine Optimization is generally made up of 3 main parts, traffic quality, traffic quantity, and SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) rankings.

How can I improve my general SEO?

Traffic Quantity & Traffic Quality

Increased traffic quantity means that you are attracting more people to your site, and increased traffic quality means that more people who are genuinely interested in your services can visit your site.  Here are a few strategies that you can utilize to improve these, without changing your content.

  • 1.) Improve your CTR.  CTR stands for Click-Through Ratio, and is a number representing the amount of clicks your website gets per number of impressions.  More impressions mean a better SEO.  To maximize this, improve your title tag by enticing the consumer and creating excitement through powerful and relevant keywords, as well as stimulating their curiosity to get them to want to click on your page to find the relevant answer.  Also, make sure to keep your title tag generally under 50-60 characters, to get your full message across quickly and effectively
  • 2.) Improve your page speed.  Page speed is a very important aspect of improving your SEO.  Your viewers will want a website page that loads quickly, and an overall website that runs efficiently.  If your page takes more than a few seconds to load, the chances are that the viewer will click out of your page, and go to a different website.  To check your page speeds, you can use Google’s Page Insights tool for free.  It is recommended to start by improving the speed of your most popular page first, as that will receive the most traffic and therefore give the most impressions.
  • 3.) Fix broken links from other websites that direct traffic to you.  This one is simple, if a link directing a user to your site is broken, you are losing traffic quantity, and potentially traffic quality as well.  Try and recreate the page using the Wayback Machine, or contact the person or company who manages the website.

How can I improve my SERP (Search Engine Result Page) Ranking?

The third big component of an SEO are Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS). SERPs are pages that search engines (ex: Google) show in response to a user’s search query.  Firstly, SERPs are made up of paid results, or businesses paying the search engine to put an advertisement on the SERP, and organic results, which are created without payment towards a search engine.  Generally, most people click on an organic result on the first page of google.  Getting on the first page of Google is critical as you will soon see, and to do this, the services provided at Brandarrow Agency are immensely helpful and useful in this very task.  However, it goes even further than this.  Most organic search results will rank in the top 3-4 positions on the SERP.  These spots get an amazing 75% of all clicks, showing their vitality .  But, organic results won’t always be at the top.  Paid results on a page will often tend to push organic results down on the page, therefore increasing the amount of clicks these results get, to 39% of all clicks.  Lastly, not all search results require a user to click on a website.  For example, just search up “Drake’s Birthday”, and you will be able to see that the answer is presented to you without even having to click on a website.  Now the question arises; how to actually get into SERPs.  As we mentioned earlier, paid ads are definitely beneficial, oftentimes moving your website to the top and increasing the amount of clicks you get.  The downside to that would be that, of course, you would have to spend a decent amount of money on one ad, and most times the top spot goes to the website that pays the most money, although search context and relevance are also taken into context.  If you want to maximize your position on the SERP without putting in a paid ad, Brandarrow Agency would be keen at doing just that, with calculated and professional marketing strategies.  In order to maximize your organic position, you would need to optimize your page’s title tag, URL slug, and meta description.  Google also chooses keywords in your website pages that match the search query, so be sure to take good use of this on your website as well.

If you are serious about marketing your business or website, Brandarrow Agency is very highly recommended.  Instead of other agencies charging around $2,000+ to market your business and improve your SEO, Brandarrow Agency can do just that, but for $30 a month, or the same price as $1 coffee a day.  That means that you would only pay only .015% of a price of a different marketing agency, to still get superior results.  This is crucial especially for young entrepreneurs, who most often won’t have piles of money to spend, and are trying to save and invest.  Trust Brandarrow Agency with your digital marketing, click the link right below to find our more, and bloom your success.



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