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What is Influencer Marketing?

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Influencer Marketing is using an influencer, or a person who is popular on social media, to promote your message and advertise your business.  The benefits of doing this can be immense, as the right influencer within your respective niche can attract lots of loyal fans to purchase your product, because the fans trust the influencer to lead them in the right direction.


Why is influencer marketing so effective?

Influencer marketing can be so effective because with using different influencers, you can reach so many different people.  Lets take for example, Kylie Jenner.  If Kylie Jenner were to promote one of your products, say a pair of headphones, and she does this by putting it on her story or by making a post about it on Instagram, that would gain lots of traction, as her posts average 5.5 million likes, and countless more amounts of people viewing and seeing the content of the post but not physically pressing the like button.  In addition, people in general, especially in the age range of teens, tend to trust influencers quite a bit, with 70% of teens saying that the trust influencers, and 60% follow their advice, which is something to consider if your niche is primarily among a younger audience.


How can I make influencer marketing more effective for me?

A way to make influencer marketing more effective for you is to find influences in your respective niche.  For example, if your business is centered around selling basketball equipment, it wouldn’t make sense to get a beauty influencer to promote your business, as you may reach a lot of people, but aren’t going to get a lot of actual engagement on the post, which is what you are after.


How can I find influencers to help with my business?

The influencers that you target don’t need to have millions of followers, as long as they have loyal followers and fans which you can see by checking their engagement rate.  Another way that you can find influencers is by using hashtags to check if there are already influencers who are interested in your products.  Once you have found your influencers, you can usually get in touch with them by reaching out through their business email, which most of them will have linked in their bio.  If you would like assistance with getting in contact with influencers, Brandarrow Agency is a marketing agency that can assist you throughout this process, and even do your other types of marketing for you.


How can I leverage multiple influencers?

One way to leverage multiple influencers, is to get them all to post on a specific day, let’s say a Wednesday.  This way, as people are using Instagram, they will see a post advertising you throughout the day, rather than throughout the week.  This will allow for people’s interest to be sparked and held within a shorter time span, likely leading to them checking out your page.

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