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How to Utilize the YouTube Algorithm for Your Business

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With the amount of people on social media growing rapidly and the amount of different niches expanding, it has become a great marketing tool for businesses.  One of these platforms is YouTube, in which users watch videos made by content creators and other types of videos getting millions of views thanks to popularly growing YouTube shorts.  But, while you can go and post content right away on YouTube, it might be better to take a step back and take time to understand how YouTube recommends videos to users, through the YouTube algorithm.  By learning how the algorithm works, you will be able to better understand how YouTube recommends the videos that it does, and use that to your advantage to help market your business.


Here are the checkpoints in YouTube that the algorithm values, and the better that your video fulfills these qualities, the better it will do regarding the algorithm

  1.  SEO (Keywords)

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, or how well the keywords within what you are publishing will do, and in turn bring people in to view your content.  Within your video, YouTube bots will generate a transcript of it, as well as look at your title and video description.  Make sure to state popular keywords relating to your video topic in the beginning of your video, title, and description.  These keywords will make your video appear higher on a user’s search query, as it will more strongly match the content that they are looking for

  1.  Subscriber Interactions

Ever wonder why a decent chunk of YouTubers will shamelessly and repeatedly mention to like, subscribe, comment, and turn on push notifications?  It is not simply for their own enjoyment, but to grow their base through being recommended higher in the algorithm.  The algorithm likes creators with high engagement rates on their content, which the highers your search rating

Subscribe Like and bell icon and share and comment intro - YouTube


Thumbnails are also an important part of helping increase your popularity on YouTube.  The average human attention span on YouTube is around 8 seconds, so it is very important that your thumbnail catches and holds people’s attention, and more than that, it makes them intrigued enough to click on your video.  In relating to the algorithm, the keywords that you choose to put within your thumbnail title will again help to boost your SEO.  If you would like more information about SEO and what it is specifically, Brandarrow Agency has helpful resources to provide you with.  If you are a young entrepreneur seeking to learn about this information and grow your business, you should utilize Brandarrow Agency, as they professionally digitally market businesses and help them grow, at the base price of just $1 a day.


Now that you have the basics about the algorithm, use it to your advantage and watch your metrics start to improve slowly, but surely.


Brandarrow Agency is a digital marketing agency committed to helping grow your business.  While you take care of the other aspects of your business, Brandarrow can professionally market your business, as well as provide other valuable services such as graphic design, email marketing, website building, and a lot more.  One of the best parts about Brandarrow is their price.  Their services start at $30 a month, or just a dollar a day, while other marketing agencies can charge up to $2,000 a month, which is really impractical for a new entrepreneur.  Be sure to show them your interest.

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