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How can teens make money?

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Everyone wants money, and as a teen sometimes it can be difficult to attain this, as there are different limitations on us, such as transportation, legality issues, etc…  But, just because you may need to put in a little extra effort doesn’t mean that it’s impossible, and by gaining money you will be ahead of your peers, can develop financial literacy, responsibility, discipline, and use that money to fund other things, save it, or invest it.  Here are 3 ways to earn money as a teen, and a bonus at the end.

  1. Selling items online/buying and reselling

This one is straightforward.  Any type of old junk that you may have lying around in your house that you don’t use anymore, such as old clothes, old video games, shoes, and really any non-perishable consumer good that is in mint or decent condition.  Simply make an account on the website of your choosing, for example Poshmark, and list a reasonable price with good quality pictures from different angles, size, brand, and a short description.  Then, just wait, and people can view your items and potentially buy them using a method like paypal.

Positive: Requires little maintenance once items are listed

Negatives: May take time to generate sales

Pro Tip: Name brands such as Nike, Adidas, The North Face, Polo, etc… sell the best

  1. Lifeguarding at a local pool

If you know how to swim, then working at a local community pool would be a great option.  Most likely it would be during the summer, so you would have ample time off and therefore can work more hours, earning more money.  It is also a good job to gain some early working experience, and can provide you with teaching of valuable skills, such as CPR

Positive: Gain valuable work experience and skills

Negative: Certain days might not have much to do

  1.  Working jobs around your neighborhood

This is one of the most popular job “fields” for teenagers, especially as a younger teenager.  Most often, neighbors will hire you to do menial tasks for them, such as walking a dog, cutting the lawn, washing cars, shoveling snow, weeding patios, etc…  By doing this, you are essentially a freelancer, and are in control over how much you work, where you work, and when you work.  By doing multiple jobs at a time, you can also learn management and responsibility.

Positive:  Do not need to be hired by anyone, only serve customers

Negative:  May be hard to find consistent clients

*Bonus*  Get an internship

Though you may not be able to make much money from this, it will help get you very valuable work experience that will help you get a job in the future, and will also teach you the same skills of responsibility and discipline.  A great place to intern, for example, is a marketing agency such as Brandarrow Agency.  There you can see how a business is run and all of the different aspects of management, and are also in contact with other interns and professionals as well.  You can check out their website at


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