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How to make your Business’s Website’s UI the best that it can be

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UI, also known as User Interface, is an essential part of a website. A website’s UI is the part in which a user can interact with a website, through the use of input peripherals such as a keyboard or a mouse. Depending on how friendly and intuitive your website’s UI is, it can make a difference to your customer’s overall impressions and loyalty towards your Business.

How to Build an Effective Website UI

The primary goal that you should have in mind as you develop your website is how to make a user’s experience with the UI simple and easy while allowing as minimum of an effort as possible by the user to produce the highest amount of desired outcomes. Here are a few things that you can do to make sure that your website’s UI looks and interacts in a way that gives a great impression to the user:

  • Pay attention to usability: Make sure that whoever is using your website can easily navigate the site to wherever he or she wants to go. The user should not be overwhelmed or confused when interacting with the UI.
  • Consistency is key: You should try to establish a general theme with your website. Every page on your site shouldn’t look drastically different, as that might cause unnecessary confusion or frustration on the user.
  • Make it look pleasant: Your website should be easily readable and easy on the eyes. This will make the user more comfortable with handling the UI.
  • Responsiveness is important: Make sure that your website can adapt to the screen that it is being viewed on. The way a website might be viewed on a 25-inch monitor might not look that good on a 6-inch phone.
  • Everything should have a purpose: Just because something looks nice, doesn’t mean that it should be added to your website. Try not to clutter your website with lots of graphics as that will overwhelm the user. Strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Examples of Great Websites’ UIs

Apple’s website is a great example of an amazing Website UI. The website adopts a style of minimalism and has a very simple interface. This allows the user to quickly and easily access the website for what he or she needs. Combine that with simple yet powerful aesthetics that do not look forced, the website is an overall pleasure and gives a great experience to the user.

Similar to Apple’s website, Airbnb’s website is very simplistic. It is very easy to access information that is needed, and the website has a very pleasant view.

Simple yet robust, the strongest quality that Pitch’s website has is a consistent theme. The website alternates between plain white and a stylish purple-blue color that is used as a small decoration for parts of the website.

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