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How to utilize your Website’s Domain Name to market your Business.

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While having a website for your business for showcasing products or for marketing is great, having a good website domain name is just as important. Simply put, a domain name is the name of a website. Domain names can range from a wide range of words, and some examples of domain names included,, and You can use a domain name in the search bar of a web browser to access that specific website on the internet. While the name you choose for your domain name might not seem that important, it can help your website reach target audiences and increase publicity for your website.

Choosing the Right Domain Name for you

In order to select the domain name that bests suits your website, there are a general series of rules that you should adhere to:

  • Select a popular domain name extension: Domain name extensions are words that come at the end of your domain name. We suggest selecting a recgonize domain name extension such as .com, .org or .net. This will allow users to easily recognize and familiarize themselves with your website.
  • Less is more: In terms of the length of your domain, it is best practice to have the shortest one that is possible. This will allow your website to be easily remembered and to type, giving less chance that the user forgets about your website. Shorter names are also easier to stand out and has a better chance of being viewed as “catchy” in a users head.
  • Try to avoid special characters or numbers: Having special characters or numbers can be a serious detriment to website. For one, it makes it harder to remember and it makes your website stand out in a bad way. For example, it is more preferable to see and type Yahoo instead of Yah-oo123. A general rule of thumb that you should follow is that you should make your domain name easy to spell and pronounce.
  • Use Keywords that Reflect Your Website: Try to have a domain name that represents your website. This will allow a user to easily associate your domain with what you are as a business or as a website. It can also increase your SEO (Search engine optimization), as having a domain name that relates to your product (which people might be looking for) might result in them clicking on your website and thus increase your website traffic (amount of vistors to a website).
  • Check to make sure that the domain isn’t trademarked or already used: In order to build your brand, business or website, it is recommended that you have a standalone name which isn’t used by a lot of other companies or brands. This builds familiarity between you and your vistors around the web, while also not establishing any conflict or confusion between you and another business. Especially make sure that the domain isn’t trademarked as that might lead you into some legal issues.

Following these rules above will definitely make a significant impact on your business and the potential of your website. Think of your domain name as a long-term investment, as it will be one of the biggest elements that will define your brand for years.

How can I register my Domain Name?

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