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How to utilize your Online Reviews

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Nearly 9 out of 10 consumers read reviews before making a purchase. This is a startling statistic, as it implies that online reviews can have a major impact on your website. Depending on whether a user sees positive 5-star reviews, or mediocre 2-star reviews, it can make or break their impression of a brand and/or change their decision about being a customer with them. That is why it is essential for a business to make sure its online presence is the best that it can be so that it can strengthen bonds with current customers and set up for future relationships with new customers. In this article, we will discuss tools that you can use to improve your online reviews – and bring your business to the next level.

Customer Voice

Do you want to utilize positive customer experiences with your company to showcase the quality of your brand/product? Well, with Customer Voice by BrandSuite, you can do just that. Customer Voice allows you to gather customer experiences, boost the online ratings that you can get, and shine in front of consumers who are researching about your business. On top of all that, Customer Voice allows you to understand the success of your service easily, and can help you improve/change your online marketing strategies. The features that come with Customer Voice are listed as follows:

  • With the service, you can invite existing customers to share their experiences online, so new customers can know to trust you.
    • You can request reviews over text message or email – your choice.
  • You can shine in Local Search with maximized SEO benefits of positive customer experiences. Authentic reviews allow you to show up in search so new customers can find you.
  • You can develop a presence across top review sites, through the collection of feedback on the review sites that impact your business.
  • You can customize templates for your brand that look the way you want under your brand.

Reputation Mangement

Want to manage all of your online reviews in the simplest and most efficient way possible? Then, Reputation Management from Brandsuite can help solve your problems! Reputation management brings all the factors that contribute to your business’s online presence in one place so you can focus on your online reputation. There are many features that come with reputation management that can help you track your reputation:

  • All your Reviews are placed in one place: Reviews from dozens of sites are compiled so you can easily see what’s being said about your business online. Plus, you can use competitive bench marking to see how you fare compared to competition.
  • Automated Reports and Alerts: Executive reports can break down how well your business is faring in online conversations and help you learn what to improve. Alerts are also sent every time new information is found.
  • Show up where people are looking: Your search rank can be improved to identify online business listings that are inaccurate or missing from essential directories like Google, Facebook, and Bing.
  • Keyword Cloud: Explore top positive and negative keyword that are associated with reviews of your business. This can help you determine customer satisfaction and potential feedback for your brand.


Like stated beforehand, managing and making sure that you have great reviews are an integral part of boosting your business’s popularity and brand image. By using both or one of the two products listed above (Reputation Management and Customer Voice), you can simplify that process and make sure that everything is being done in an efficient and organized manner.

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