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Places for Reliable Managed WordPress Hosting

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WordPress powers over 43% of all websites in the internet. This means that more than one in four websites that you visit are likely powered by WordPress! Now, you might be asking what exactly is WordPress and why it is so popular. WordPress at the basic level is a tool that can be used to create your own website or blog for free. It is an open-source content management system licensed under GPLv2. The main reason WordPress is so popular is because of its customization potential and it is ease of use . Since WordPress is a content management system, the tool will manage important aspects of your website (design, content, etc.) without requiring any programming.  The end result is that anyone (even people who aren’t developers) can easily create a website without knowing how to code. This is one of the reasons why people choose this tool to create websites: they don’t need to worry about the technical aspects and can instead focus on the content that they want to add. While this easy-to-learn feature definitely is one impressive feature for the product, what really sets it apart from its competitors is its potential to create. WordPress contains a massive ecosystem of plugins and themes, which essentially means that you can create and design any type of website that you want with WordPress. This can range from Blogs to Portfolios to even eCommerce stores!

While now you know about WordPress and its capabilities of creating a website, in order to put your WordPress created website onto the internet, your going to have to host it. There are multiple hosting services that can help you, with each varying in cost and functionality. Here is a list of WordPress Hosting services that we think might best suit your needs:

brandSuite Site

  • brandSuite Site is one of the best options here as it packs a ton of features with a price tag that is completely bang for your buck. While 40 dollars a month for WordPress hosting might seem a lot at first, if you want to bring your business’s website to the next level, this could potentially be one of the best investment you ever make.
  • With the 40 dollars that you invest into hosting the website, you get an exhaustive range of features (some of which cost more than the 40 dollars that you are spending):
    • Powerful Cloud Hosting
    • Unmetered SSD Storage
    • Unmetered Data Storage
    • Unmetered Server Bandwith
    • Daily Backups
    • Automatic Core Updates
    • Free SSL Certificate
    • Free CDN
    • Free Domain Name
    • Free Sub-domain Name
    • Custom Domains
    • Integration with Google Analytics
    • Pre-Installed Templates
    • Divi Builder Premium
    • Elementor Pro
    • Staging Enviornment
    • Malware Scanning
    • World-class Firewall
    • Access to phpMyAdmin and SFTP
    • Worldwide, 24/7 support
  • If you still aren’t impressed by the range of features that you get for the price, or you are on a tight budget, you can still utilize a free version of the service for hosting your WordPress site. The free version (known as express) packs most of the features in the paid version, but misses some features like Unlimited Daily Backups, Free Domain Name and Custom Domains.
  • We’d still recommend the paid version if you are truly interested in seeing your website be the best that it can, but like stated above, the free version could serve your purpose.


  • What sets this service apart is that you get great overall WordPress hosting for just $3.99 a month. While the features that you get from this is no way near close to that of brandSuite Sites (look above for more info), you still get some essential features that are needed for your WordPress website as it is hosted. The service gives optimized servers and it is one of the few officially recommended hosts by There is multiple plans for the service, ranging from the StartUp package to the GrowBig or Go Geek plan (which usually give a few more additional perks for a higher price).


  • Unlike other WordPress hosting services, Bluehost sites gives you a very cheap price for hosting your website (can go as low as $2.75 a month). With this low a price however, you lose out on a lot of features that could potentially bring your website to the next level. You would only want to use this service if you want your WordPress site up and running as quickly as possible for as cheap of a price, not caring that much about the lack of quality or features that is lost with the service.


For $25 dollars a month, you could host your WordPress website on Kinsta. What sets Kinsa apart is that it focuses on optimized managed hosting services, similar to what Brandarrow Sites does (look above for more info). Kinsta also has the full power of the Google Cloud Platform behind it, taking Google’s infrastructure and making it more accessible and easier to use. Ultimately you should choose Kinsta if you want every server -management-related task handled for you. Keep in note however, that brandSuite does this and much more for an additional $15.

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