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How Can I Create Free Graphics For My Business?

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Creating high-quality graphics for your business to use on social media allows you to draw in and capture your audience’s attention, create a good impression of your business, make customers more interested in what you’re selling, and ultimately be closer to making a sale.  Luckily, there are many options to create high-quality, engaging graphics for your business at a minimal cost.

The first way to create free graphics for your business is by using Canva.  Canva is a free website/app that allows you to create high-quality graphics with many free options.  Canva has many different formats for certain types of graphics, including videos, presentations, and likely most commonly used by businesses, Instagram posts.  After selecting a specific format, you have the option to start from a blank post or select and customize a post from their vast selection of templates.  They have an almost unlimited variety of fonts, effects, colors, and even allow you to add multiple pages onto a single design.  However, most of the more appealing fonts, images, and effects can only be accessed through Canva pro, which is free for 1 month, and then is $12.99 per month for up to 5 people.

Another option to create high-quality and free graphics is through using Pixlr Editor.  Pixlr is an incredible photo editing app that has tons of unique and useful features such as filling, liquifying, cloning, dodging, etc… On top of editing photos, it allows you to add custom text to make your graphics directly on the app and garners infinite creativity.  In addition to editing photos and adding text to create graphics, like Canva they have templates available as well in order to start with a base design.  If you want to use all of Pixlr’s features, such as one-click background remover, you will have to purchase a premium version.  They have two available, one at $4.99, and the other at $14.99 per month, with the more expensive version having even more innovative and creative features.

Though both of these apps are incredible for creating graphics and editing pictures, they do have their limitations and don’t allow people specialized in graphic design to create your graphics for you.  To take your graphics to the next level, it is suggested to invest a small amount of money into a specialized team of graphic designers and curators to really make your graphics pop.  The graphics team at brandSuite can provide just that.  Though they are not free, they provide amazing value at an incredibly low cost, and allow you to communicate face to face with a team to get a product that you truly want.  Additionally, since they are a team and not a website, you are not limited to templates, and instead can leverage the creative mind of a graphic designer to create the absolute best product for you and your business.  If you genuinely are passionate about your graphics and social presence, consider using this team, and immediately you will notice the high-quality and effective graphics they will produce for you.

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