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How to utilize brandSuite Local to its fullest potential

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brandSuite Local is a service that can help your business kickstart itself into having a successful online image. brandSuite Local has a listing management tool that has a range of appliances to help you reach your online goals. It can:

  1. Push listing data to aggregators and straight to directories
  2. Ensure your clients are accurate and can be found across the web, mobile devices, and voice search
  3. Make updates in real-time
  4. View Google insights
  5. Show proof-of-performance

In this article, we hope to showcase to you how to utilize brandSuite Local in the best way possible, so that you can have the greatest effect on your business.

Understand each of its Components

brandSuite Local is divided into multiple components which make up the service as a whole. It is issential that you understand each of the components so that you can understand each of the use cases that brandSuite Local has and the actions that you can and cannot do with the service. Just in case you don’t know each of the components, here is a quick overview of each of them:

  • Listing Builder – Listing Builder is a freemium product that allows your clients to kick-start their online presence. It contains Listing Sync and My Listing to help you sync and optimize to popular listing sources.
  • Listing Distrubtion – Listing Distribution sends your clients’ business data to the four main data aggregators. This allows you to build online presence, boast SEO, and increase accurate ciations.
  • Listing Sync Pro – Listing Sync Pro pushes data to the most important listing sources across web and mobile apps. This means that you can make updates, protect, and view performance from your listings.
  • Listing Sync Pro Yext – Similar to Listing Sync Pro, this service pushes data to the most important listing sources across web and mobile apps. In addition to the features of Listing Sync Pro, this service can access the Yext dashboard.
  • Google My Business Insights – brandSuite Local is integrated with Google My Business, which allows you to use the features of Google My Business while using the service (integragted in it).
  • My Listing – My Listing allows you to create, manage and update a landing page for your customres to visit and leave feedback.

Just in case you want to learn more about a specific component, you can always check out this article to learn more.

Know what your Business wants

In order to figure out how you want to properly use brandSuite Local, you need to first understand and figure out what exactly your business wants. This can range from a multitude of desires, from having a better online presence to wanting to better connect with customers. Regardless of what type of goal you have, you should use your knowledge of each of the brandSuite components (section above) to figure out how you are going to use one of the components to best achieve your goals. One thing to keep in mind as you are doing this is that many of the components of brandSuite Local overlap and are able to do similar things, so you are not always stuck in using only one option to perform a specific task.

Think like the Customer

While you are always looking for the best in your business utilizing brandSuite Local, you should also see its effects on your consumers. Utilizing the proof-of-performance feature, you should look to see how the changes you are implementing with the service are affecting your customers. Judging by the effect, you can use this knowledge to make even more educated and beneficial decisions with the service.

In addition to using the proof-of-performance feature, you should always test out features that you implement on your own. Continuous testing of features that you implement will allow you to fine-tune what you have created for your customers and make it a higher quality (which in turn will probably make them like it even more and have a greater effect on your audience).


The effect that you have on your business with brandSuite Local partially depends on the amount of effort you spend using it. While the purpose of the product is to simplify the amount of effort that you need to take in making the online presence of your business the best it can be, you still need to put in the work and hours. We hope that with this article you at least get a general direction of where you need to go with the product and the necessary steps you need to take to kickstart your journey.

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