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How does Google Business Profile compare to brandSuite Local

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brandSuite Local is a service that can help your business kickstart itself into having a successful online image. brandSuite Local has a listing management tool that has a range of appliances to help you reach your online goals. It can:

  1. Push listing data to aggregators and straight to directories
  2. Ensure your clients are accurate and can be found across the web, mobile devices, and voice search
  3. Make updates in real-time
  4. View Google insights
  5. Show proof-of-performance

In contrast, Google My Business is a Google application that provides you with the ability to list the location of your business on Google Maps and local search results. You could also display essential information about your business such as opening/closing times, contacts, or a link to your website. Recently, Google is renaming Google My Business to Google Business Profile, as it shifts efforts towards bringing more of the business profile management out of the Google My Business app and directly into other established Google apps such as Google Search, Google Maps, and more.


  • Both services can help your business stand out from other business. By utilizing either of the online business profiles, you are in the sense making your business more viewable and reachable to the average online user. This increased reach can help customers learn more about your business first compared to competition, which in turn can lead to more profits for your company.
  • Both can help you see proof-of-performance of your business more easily. You can see where customers are going on your website, or what customers are searching your business. This can help you make decisions on what is popular for your customers and what qualities of your business you hope to improve.
  • Both services allow you to more easily interact with customers. You can use an online business profile for people to more easily search up and look up your contact or other personal information. This information can then be used for customers to contact you. This is a great feature, as having customer feedback can greatly improve your business and help find its niche and speciality.
  • Both services can help you gain new customers and retain previous customers. By having a landing page build by either services, you can decide where customers associate with your company and the specific products and services that you give.
  • Both services are mostly free and one portion of brandSuite Local is freemium.


  • brandSuite Local simply contains a lot more features compared to Google Business Profile. brandSuite local is divided into numerous categories which each have their own features. This categories include Listing Builder, Listing Distribution, Listing Sync Pro, Listing Sync Pro, Listing Sync Pro Yext.
  • Google Business Profile is more popular than brandSuite Local, but this is mostly due to the fact that Google Business Profile is run by an extremely popular tech company.

One More Key Detail

One essential detail that we want to mention is that brandSuite Local actually contains Google Business Profile (it is integrated with it)! Throughout this article, we compared both of the services to showcase what each of them can do and which services is better for a specific job. If you are satisfied with either one of these services, you can actually have best of both worlds by using brandSuite Local. Of course, you can always still use Google Business Profile just in case you want to simplify your process, but if you truly want to bring your business to then next level you can just use both services by just using one of these services (brandSuite Local).


Both services have their pros and cons, but ultimately you can get the advantage of both services by simply just using brandSuite Local. We hope that with this article you know how Google Business Profile compares with brandSuite Local, and the relationship both have with each other.

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