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What is a GBP Manager? Do I Need One?

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Having a Google Business Profile is one of the most important tools your business can utilize in order to succeed because it allows customers to find local businesses like yours on Google Search and Google Maps, directly communicate with your customers, show your services and products, and ultimately build trust for your business. Google Business Profile allows you to edit your business’s information directly and have it be updated almost instantly, such as hours of operation, phone numbers, and even health and safety protocols. However, managing insights by hand can be costly and time-consuming, and most entrepreneurs would prefer spending that time working directly on the business. Instead, consider using a listings manager such as brandSuite local, as it is a cost-effective and easy solution to managing your business online.

What does a GBP Manager offer?

Having a GBP manager allows for efficiency in managing your local listings, and managing and adapting marketing strategies to help improve your online presence. For example, with a GBP manager, you would be able to manage your Google Business listings as well as other listings, see insights regarding your performance, track your rankings, and quickly and easily edit your location data, address, and hours of operation to adjust for a holiday or other occurrence. It can show you information such as how and where customers search for your business, common actions your customers are taking on your listing, direction requests, phone calls, and even photo analytics.

What does brandSuite local offer?

Having a Google Business Profile manager such as brandSuite local offers an incredible depth of analytics about your business that are very useful. Not only would you be able to perform all of the aforementioned abilities such as managing all of your listings, viewing insights, tracking rankings, and editing location data, but you would also have access to a whole host of features. brandSuite Local allows you to answer, request, and manage reviews, text customers using a dedicated business number and email address, set up an efficient, easy, and functional website, run Google, Instagram, Facebook ads, and more.  Further, it is extremely cost-effective and efficient, as you can manage all of these analytics in one place and then take action on them, providing you with new feedback to improve.

Why should I Use a Google Business Profile Manager Instead of Just Managing My Listings Myself?

You should absolutely utilize a Google Business Profile Manager instead of managing your listings manually.  Having a listings manager makes the process of editing, changing, and updating your listings so much more efficient, and allows you to manage many facets of your business in one, single place. This efficiency will in turn allow you to spend more time on your business since you’ll also be receiving analytics, and brandSuite Local comes with other useful features also such as the ability to set up a custom, functional website, and social media management. So, consider utilizing the services of brandSuite Local, and witness the difference in the efficiency and productivity of your business.

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